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Mundo melocoton

Niewe organic collectie is binnen! 

Hometextile for baby & kids

The cuddly soft fabrics, crisp prints and bright colors by mundo melocotón are instantly recognizable. Our nursery textile collection contains beautiful blankets and printed sheets, duvetcovers in quirky color combinations, soft playpen mats and bumpers, and velvet changing pad - and car seat covers. With this collection your baby can grow up surrounded by cheerful color and gentleness.

comfort clothing all year long

When designing this comfort collection we thought of the energy of a kid that wants to investigate the world, he wants to learn new things and do everything by himself. Nothing should stop him, certainly not uncomfortable clothing or disturbingly difficult buttons. Let’s say that is the recipe for our comfort clothing line! 
A never out of stock clothing collection: available all year long!

bathroom essentials soft muslin must

We have always worshiped those little bathroom moments. It is a moment of real pureness, where you get to know every single piece of that tiny new person. I remember the first time when I was washing my newborn boy - handling him with the greatest care. We feel this needs the softest environment. That is why we developed a complete collection of smooth muslin bathroom essentials, which will allow you to really pamper your baby.

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