Incomparable softness

All collections are made of high quality fabrics, that have an incomparable softness. This feature combined with the refined product designs result in a warm and inviting sleep and nursery ambiance, providing the perfect environment for little ones to grow and discover the world around them.

High quality products

While the soft products can easily soothe any baby to sleep, they are also designed to be durable enough to withstand the rigours of a nursery environment. Les Rêves d'Anaïs insists on delivering high quality products. Not only the use of superior materials characterises Les Rêves d’Anaïs, but also the sublime fit and finishing of the products are an essential part of the brand. In order to guarantee these features, all confection is done in Europe.

Get indulged by the soft and dreamy world of Les Rêves d'Anaïs.

Enchanting in every single detail

Les Rêves d'Anaïs captures the innocence and beauty of a newborn with a refined range of bedding and nursery products. The brand breaths an enchanting elegance that can be found in every single detail. Les Rêves d'anais is characterised by its unique offer of collections. The beautiful series of classic uni collections are enriched with collections that have a subtle, delicate print. Together they provide a refreshing touch to the classical segment. 

Our typical dreamy atmosphere is beautifully captured in the floating Pappus, the new symbol of our brand. This delicate seed drifts on the lightest breeze, swirling and twirling around through the sky, forming the beginning of new life.